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I always thought this was Zach Sherwin’s best piece.
Back when he was known as MC Mr. Napkins he
was really focused on getting fan base and he did
not pull any punches.
This is a darned good performance, well thought out.
Great effort…

Gene and Cleavon

A superb scene from a classic movie.
Gene Wilder is the man giving advice to Cleavon Little,
the new sheriff in town, on how to deal with the
belligerent town folk.
So many hilarious scenes in this movie to choose from.
I tried to find a longer slice but could not, I will keep

Michael Davis…Juggler

This guy is entertaining!
Part stand-up comedian, part juggler, with just a
touch of bewilderment thrown in for good measure.
He is a hoot, definitely brings a smile to the face.
Which is fortunate, a smile would look horrible
on your rear end.
No, I am not quitting my day job…

Fighting Trousers

Professor Elemental with a Chap Hop tune that will
leave you smiling.
While maintaining that infamous British Stiff Upper Lip.
I do so love it when the Brits get silly.
Have not seen a decent example of that since Monty Python
strutted their stuff back in the day.
Great piece, the visuals ain’t too shabby either…

Unemployment Insurance

I have posted this hilarious slice of History of the World Part #1
before and I will certainly do so again.
The late, great Bea Arthur was a hoot as the official doling out
unemployment payments.
Mel Brooks was iconic as the stand-up philosopher.
Even Ron Carey was pretty good as Mel’s agent.
I kinda liked the gladiator as well.
A great scene from a pretty funny movie…