Monthly Archives: September 2013

I don’t have time to see

Brian Regan, one of my all time favorite stand-up comedians
is still going strong, and just about as good as ever.
One of the first to REALLY get me laughing, he has it all,
delivery, material and stage charisma.
Here he is doing a bit about people who don’t see that well.

Are these my GLASSES?!

I’d like to go to Morrow today

Bob Gibson was a folk singer who was on the same level of
fame and talent as Bob Dylan, back in the sixties.
His work was groundbreaking, unique and very good.
One of my treasures is a “Best Of” compilation CD of his
where he does just Shel Silverstein songs, and on some
of the tracks Shel sings with him!
Here is Bob doing a funny little ditty called “To Morrow”.

Very nice!

Do you mind if we call you Bruce?

This Monty Python sketch is a favorite of mine.
Almost the entire gang is in this one, everyone but
Terry Gilliam.
Set in a mythical Australian outback location, it pokes
fun at Aussies, as well as the British.
Terry Jones is the straight man here, and he plays it well.
Do you mind if we call you Bruce?

And I’m in charge of the sheep dip!

He’s on something and it ain’t a job

Tim Wilson is a southern styled comic.
Okay, he’s a redneck…trying to play it fair.
But he’s a good redneck, a funny one with skills
to spare.
He is a skilled stand-up man as well as a decent
musical comedian.
This is a piece that I’ve played on the show many times
and now that I see the video for it I think it’s funnier!
Everyone has a relative like this.

Do you?

It’s 3:00 am, so now I creep…

I smoked cigarettes for several years, it was awful!
One of the worst habits a human being could ever indulge in.
When I finally gave it up my health improved greatly.
That is what’s really insidious about smoking, you don’t
have any idea how much it’s messing you up until you stop!
This piece is dedicated to all those that smoke.
Loudon Wainwright III…Nocturnal Stumblebutt!