Monthly Archives: May 2014

Just a little bit…special!

Stephen Lynch is a one of a kind musical performer, there is
nobody quite like him on the circuit.
He is funny, profane, irreverent and very talented.
Here he performs a song that I play on the show to
rave reviews…Special!
(a couple of naughty words, nothing to write home about)

He really gets into it…Good stuff!

Even MORE Pee-Wee fare!

This being Pee-Wee Herman Week here at good ol’ Comedy 101 Radio
I feel compelled to explain the two tiered humor offerings
that the show presented on a regular basis…similar to the
Bugs Bunny, Looney Tunes classics from yesteryear there was
comedy for the kids as well as the adults, and BOTH were just
as good!
Here is part 2 of Innuendo and Adult Humor…

Love it!