Monthly Archives: June 2014

Street Credit

Make that Cred!
MC Mr. Napkins is a really cool rapster with a comedic bent
unlike anything you’ve ever seen.
He has great lyrics, superb delivery and nice hair!
At my age I look at the hair, OK?!
This is very entertaining…Street Cred!

I like it!

Twist versus pop top beer caps

Bob and Doug McKenzie, Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas, are
a Canadian icon of epic proportions.
In the beginning they were created to fill a gap on the
SCTV television program, content that was supposed to
represent a true Canadian experience, and oh what a gap
they filled!
I find them really funny, in many ways…their approach.
the material and the style in which they do it.
Here’s a good one…

I love this stuff!

Latex and bondage

This is a nifty little video from our friends at
Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie!
While I’m on the subject, their moniker should be heralded
by all as the best @#$%^&> name for a comedy troupe EVER!
Don’t be discouraged by the subject line, the video isn’t
even slightly risque’, that line is relevant though…
Keep Your Parents Off the Internet!

Nice one!

That’s a pool toy!

Diane Ford is/was one of the funniest people on the planet.
She IS still around but not really performing much anymore.
This is a classic performance of hers, one that I play on
the show from time to time, I wish there more like her!

More to come!