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Always wondered where he ended up

A few days ago I posted a superb, live version of Tom Lehrer
performing one of his iconic songs during a gig in Copenhagen
that he did back in 1967.
I have nothing but respect for Mr. Lehrer and wish to regale
you with him and that song once again.
Here’s why…THIS version is one he did for a lifelong friend
31 years later at a concert honoring the esteemed producer
Cameron Mackintosh.
This was the first live performance he had done in more than
three decades, and he says one of the funniest things at
the beginning where the lifelong friend, the great composer and
lyricist Stephen Sondheim, introduces him…

“I’ve always wondered where he ended up…”
Absolutely superb!

We’re called Group Two

John Mulaney is a great stand-up comedian, he’s funny,
personable and he has superb observational material.
Here he is doing a classic set at the Montreal “Just
For Laughs” Comedy Festival, talking about his
favorite television show, and other things…

More to come!

Nudge Nudge, know what I mean?!

This is one of those rare comedy sketches that are way beyond
the designation of Classic, this is…ICONIC!
But what makes it even better is that this is a re-do by
everyone’s favorite comedy troupe during last years reunion
in London, starring Terry Jones and Eric Idle.
I love everything about this, the fact that they have aged, the
chemistry, the audience and, of course, the mustache!

What a talented duo!

Something something in the park

This is the absolute BEST rite of Spring song ever written.
It’s one thing to see the words, it’s quite another to
witness the piece being performed by the man who wrote them.
Tom Lehrer at his absolute darkest, funniest and BEST…

Notice the gleeful spring in him when he starts the piece!