Monthly Archives: April 2015

Men forget everything

Rita Rudner is a very talented stand up performer.
She has a unique style that is very low key and
quite interesting, she will make you smile.
Here she is at the Montreal Comedy Festival, I might have
even been in the audience, back in 1996. Timeless…

Nice stuff!

Try eating less!

Costaki Economopoulos (yes, I can spell his name!) is a guy
I’ve been playing on the show for a while now, he is very funny.
Laid back and fairly clean with great observational skills this
stand-up comedian is one of my favorites at the moment.
Here he is at the Montreal Comedy Festival…

Great stuff!

On the Shoulders of Freaks

Henry Philips is a talented singer/song writer that started
off as a Dan Fogelberg type of artist.
He changed into a comedy performer with a dark sense of humor
a bit later on.
I interviewed him a few years back and he was very cordial and
informative, as well as gracious, he performed a snippet of an
as-yet-to-be released on the show and it turned out to be one
of his up-coming hits.
This is his signature piece, well done and very dark…

Good one!