Monthly Archives: August 2016

Accents and Intentions

This is a splendid and very revealing piece of stand-up
by Dean Obeidallah!
I have played the heck out of this recording on the show
and I’m more than happy to have done so.
Basically the basics of the tour, and the stable of comedians,
is that they are all the offspring of Middle Easterners who,
being born here, are Americans in every way.
They talk about their trials and tribulations in a frank,
honest and very humorous way.
Make no mistake about it, they love this country and want
nothing more than to bring out a bit of humanity by way
of humor.
Having said that, the comment section makes me understand the
hatred they have to put up with, it shows how far we have to go
to be a great society…

The Komodo Dragon

This is the absolute best of the best from old time
radio comedy by Bob and Ray!
Don’t let the age fool you though, it’s a classic that
does not get old, if this skit were made today it would
feel as fresh as the morning dew…

Still Gonna Die

A live version of a superb Shel Silverstein tune by
the Old Dogs… Waylon Jennings, Mel Tillis, Bobby Bare and
Jerry Reed!
Great lyrics, outstanding talent and a vibe like no other.
Yep, I was thinking of my mortality today…