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Pooch Cafe by Paul Gilligan is a cool little strip
about Poncho the dog and several of his doggy friends.
Sometimes the animated version of a cartoon strip is
not quite as good as the original, but this particular
one is pretty humorous…

Stupid in School

Brian Regan with a classic piece off of his
first recording, Brian Regan Live!
And I do mean classic, this is a set that
really brought him some serious fans.
One of the very best ever, I don’t care what
Rolling Stone says…

On This Day in History

The late, great Gilda Radner was born back in 1946!
Gilda was special, a one of a kind comedian with
talent to spare.
Her time with the original Not Ready for Prime Time Players
set the stage for SNL comedians to come.
This is a great little skit she performs in, with Dan
Aykroyd, on the first year of the show, circa 1975.
Yes, you do need a front wheel allignment…

On This Day in History

Melvin Kaminsky was born back in 1926!
You know him better as the legendary Mel Brooks,
and his body of work is nothing short of incredible.
Space Balls, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Blazing
Saddles, Young Frankenstein, Get Smart, and The
Producers are just a few of the humorous
projects this man has had a hand in over the years.
Happy Birthday Mel, may you have many more!
Who else could have done something like this and
looked good doing it?!

To Be, or Not To Be (The Hitler Rap)…