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Nun Scene

This is a howl!
John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd and the late, great
Kathleen Freeman in a scene from The Blues Brothers.
Not just any clip, this is the infamous Penguin
scene with Sister Mary Stigmata.
The creepiness is palpable, walking up those stairs
reminds me of Catholic School way back in my childhood.
It really IS like that.
Moral of the story?
You don’t lie to the Penguin!
A little profanity at the end, but you knew that…


This is a splendid scene from The Blues Brothers,
continuing the post from yesterday, that has
the late, Stupendous Aretha Franklin with
the late, great Matt “Guitar” Murphy!
Aretha shows her spunk in this one, she
had such talent, mixed with the ‘tude she
was absolute dynamite.
What a movie, very unique with a cast that
has never been, and will never be, equaled.
You’ll never see another diner scene like this,
that’s for sure…

France and Italy

The late, great John Pinette was capable of many great things
in the world of stand-up comedy, he was one of the best.
He was a one trick pony in that his large frame and voracious
appetite was the center of most of his comedy, but it REALLY
worked, and not just a little.
He refined his act over time to the point where it was a
real treat to watch him ply his craft on stage.
I saw him live many times, he was the hit of Montreal
during the Just for Laughs comedy festival for many years.
This is a classic piece by him, a little of this bit can
be found in a few other performances, all good.
You’re not scaring me, indeed…