Monthly Archives: January 2016

Blow ’em Away

As sung with enthusiasm by Chuck Brodsky!
This is a great piece of musical defiance by a man
who used to drive for a living, before he became known
for his song writing and singing skills Chuck
delivered things and his encounters with people
he didn’t care for are now…legendary!

Post-Nuclear Fairy Tale

This is a very creative and thought provoking comedy sketch
from a Canadian performance group called Local Anxiety.
Made for an award winning television show called Greenpieces,
the world’s first Eco-Comedy, it aired in 2000.
I play this on the show and I can really appreciate the imagery
and thought provoking dialogue it contains.
From the perspective of a post-cataclysmic Earth…

Break-up Pasta

as cried over by You Suck at Cooking!
Yes, you DO!
This is a nice little pasta dish that you could make
for a non loved one.
Or rather, a No Longer Love One.
I always learn from this series, in the future I will refrain
from testing my pasta perfection with a hammer…

Space Princess

This is a cool little piece of creative humor performed
by Geoffrey Lewis and Celestial Navigations.
The late, great Mr. Lewis was the father of noted actress
Juliette Lewis. He was a Hollywood actor for many years
and appeared in many big screen films of note.
I am impressed with his body of work as the front man for
Celestial Navigations, he had a knack for story telling
that really shined, very imaginative and vivid.
I’ll bring you more of this material in the future, until
then, Space Princess…

Love Is

As postulated by Mark Gross!
A spot on summary of love and what attracts us to each other.
One naughty word at the 1:14 mark that we have all heard our
mothers shriek at least a kajillion times…