Post-Nuclear Fairy Tale

This is a very creative and thought provoking comedy sketch
from a Canadian performance group called Local Anxiety.
Made for an award winning television show called Greenpieces,
the world’s first Eco-Comedy, it aired in 2000.
I play this on the show and I can really appreciate the imagery
and thought provoking dialogue it contains.
From the perspective of a post-cataclysmic Earth…

2 thoughts on “Post-Nuclear Fairy Tale

  1. Mark Leiren-Young

    Hi. I just saw this and wanted to thank you for sharing and for your thoughts on it. I haven’t thought about this sketch in ages and, for obvious reasons, I’ve been posting this a bit lately. All the best always.

    1. michael Post author

      That’s a great piece, fits the show very nicely. I have found that some of the best comedy comes from
      Canada, and your efforts are no exception. I’ve been following your work for a while, you are to be
      commended for caring about this much neglected mud ball we call Earth. Being down here in the states I
      don’t always catch the newest releases, if you have any other humorous material that’s comparable I’d
      love to hear it. Be safe!


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